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JsonMonk is ready to use with your Mobile App and Website for testing purposes. All of our APIs serve you 24/7 with a real response, and updated regularly!

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App & Web
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How to use?

No downloading or installing required! You can directly use JsonMonk APIs in your project with your favorite programming language.

jQuery Ajax

  var settings = {
    "async": true,
    "crossDomain": true,
    "url": "https://jsonmonk.com/app/v1/users",
    "method": "GET"

  $.ajax(settings).(function (response) {
NodeJS Request
  var request = require("request");

  var options = { method: 'GET',
    url: 'https://jsonmonk.com/app/v1/users',

  request(options, function (error, response, body) {
    if (error) throw new Error(error);


Still confused? Don't worry we got you covered with our completely RESTful API document

The base URL of all our APIs are: https://jsonmonk.com/app/v1
No there is no limit to the number of request send by an user.
Yes, you can refer our Postman Collection using this URL : API Document

All our API responses are returned in JSON fromat only.
Yes, our all API are CORS enabled and you can access it via any Domain, IP, Localhost, etc
JsonMonk used cloud hosting infrastructure to store your data when you submit it via API and it is automatically destroyed after 24 hours from the creation date.
JsonMonk is FREE dummy API tool, all stored data is available for everyone. Following are some suggestions which will help you to use JsonMonk safely:
  • Use JsonMonk only for development purpose
  • Do not submit your real data like (Mobile,Email,Name,etc)
  • Do not submit any illegal content
  • Do not submit Sexual/Pornographic content

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